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As promised a little while back, here’s the post going into further detail regarding our possible move into the Shirogane ward which will be released a few weeks after Stormblood’s launch. I mentioned in the Facebook post I would go into more detail via a news post at some point and with the datacenter maintenance going on I figured now is a great time to write.

A few weeks ago we had Live Letter XXXV and in it Yoshi-P shared some details regarding the new housing zone as well as the transfer system. He also showed concept art of one of the mansion designs, which is shown below here. Long story short, it became clear that we’ll be needing to pay the full price, 55 million at most, for the new plot should we move.

The new ward will also come with the implementation of a transfer system for housing. We’ll be able to transfer the house with a single click of a button once we buy the new plot. There will be no need to destroy anything or kick anyone. so no worries there. Everything would move to the new plot - the company workshop, stables, private rooms, everything intact as in the previous location.

In order to prepare for this possible move I’ve asked all of you, if you were willing, to start collecting the money in the company chest. I figured it may be best to have the money upfront if we would move, because I anticipate an enormous rush on houses once the ward opens up. Collecting money by then would probably cause a plot we’d want to be snatched away. At the time of writing we’re at roughly 42 million Gil of the 55 we would be needing, which is amazing given we’ve got more than a month left to prepare. You all have my thanks for this as I did not expect the money to come together so soon. One thing though: I would like to ask you guys to make a screenshot of the FC chest’s history window whenever you make a donation like the example below. This will be serving as proof so we can return everybody their money in case we won’t move. I’m making screenshots myself regularly but it’s possible I’ll overlook something at some point.

Once Stormblood launches they’ll open up Shirogane immediately for access though sales of the actual plots won’t open until a few weeks after. From their phrasing I’m expecting the plot sale to start in the early days of July, the 4th at minimum, but no hard date has been given yet. Before the sales start we’ll be able to walk around and take in the ward, scouting out possible mansion locations. There is no rush and we can decide there and then if we’d like to move.

So why would we move? Well, I’m expecting Shirogane to look absolutely magnificent. Of course this is only a hunch I go by which is mostly based on the Fanfest showcase video. It’s a lower resolution video as well, not properly showing all plots. However, the buildings already there and the roads and vicinity of plots together gave me a pretty strong impression of a rural Edo-period Japanese town, which will probably be lit in a very soothing way once it grows dark. Think of your typical sakura petals carried by the wind as lampions are lit giving streets this cozy warm feel. A little like the tree near the docks in the Lavender Beds. Of course that hunch could be entirely wrong, which is why I’ve been saying ‘possible move’ all this time.

But what will happen to our old plot? I understand many of you have fond memories of our current Mist mansion and so do I. That is why Morgana has opted to buy our current plot on her alt should we move. That way we’ll still have a home in the Mists and continue to make Ward 9 of The Mists the roleplay ward of our server.

Anyway, that’s about it for this post. If you have any more question, please drop me a /tell or hit me up on our Discord or Facebook. Thanks for reading and see you next news post!


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